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Gold Rate in Pakistan [March 2023]

Gold Rate in Pakistan

The gold rate in Pakistan has reached an all-time high, despite a deteriorating economic crisis and a drop in the value of the rupee. According to financial analysts, the price of this precious metal has been rising as investors use it as a hedge against inflation and currency depreciation.

It is also vital to remember that gold is becoming increasingly costly across the world, with the US Federal Reserve’s aggressive policies being the principal cause of the exorbitant price increase.

Because the gold price in Pakistan is continuously changing, we have provided the most recent values from the Karachi Sarafa Bazaar Association. Please keep in mind that gold rates are typically consistent across the country, with only minor fluctuations in different cities.


Let’s have a look at the most recent gold prices in Pakistan.

Gold Weight 24K Gold Rate 22K Gold Rate 21K Gold Rate 18K Gold Rate
TolaPKR 195,530PKR 179,235PKR 171,089PKR 146,648
10 GramPKR 167,635PKR 153,665PKR 146,681PKR 125,727
1 GramPKR 16,764PKR 15,367PKR 14,668PKR 12,573
1 OuncePKR 475,240PKR 435,634PKR 415,835PKR 356,430

Disclaimer: The gold price in Pakistan changes often. This blog was most recently updated on March 1, 2023.


gold rates in Pakistan today.
Here are some of the primary factors influencing gold prices in Pakistan today.


In Pakistan, the fundamental cause of increased gold prices is inflation. Simply put, as the price of things rises and buying power falls, individuals search for methods to safeguard their assets from depreciation and, as a result, buy more gold as a hedge.


Gold rates rise in response to poor economic conditions. Lack of GDP development, increasing government expenditure, a lack of discretionary income, and a rising unemployment rate can all have an influence on Pakistan’s 1 tola gold price.


Political unrest is another factor influencing gold prices in Pakistan. In uncertain times, investors may acquire gold in huge amounts to secure the safety of their investment. Regrettably, this phenomena may be found all over the world.


This one is rather simple. The price of gold is directly affected by its availability in the market. Prices may rise if demand exceeds supply. On the other side, when demand is low and supply is plenty, the gleaming metal becomes more inexpensive.


Last but not least, the international price of gold has a direct impact on the rates in each country. Of course, currency exchange rates, the political environment, interest rates, supply and demand, and other variables all influence worldwide pricing.

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