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Everything you need to know about Classic Vehicle Inspection in Dubai.

Classic Vehicle Inspection in Dubai

Classic cars have great cultural and historical importance across the world. They symbolize the city’s role in the growth of the auto industry. However, in the UAE, cars are classified as vintage vehicles if they are more than 30 years old. Because these cars are instead ancient and lack some modern safety measures, they must be tested to verify they are roadworthy and safe to drive.

Owners must register their classic cars in the UAE. In this context, the RTA has established requirements for regular inspections of historic automobiles to identify any safety hazards. Furthermore, a classic vehicle inspection assists in determining the necessary repairs and maintenance to be performed in compliance with the RTA’s specified criteria.

Here are the specifics of the service and how to apply for it.


Vehicle testing and inspection in Dubai for optimal road safety. The guideline is applicable to both new and old cars. Having said that, the Roads and Transport Authority’s (RTA) service allows users to apply for a vintage vehicle licence. Following an examination, owners of classic cars will obtain a designated number plate. It should be emphasized, however, that the historic car must be older than 30 years. Following an examination, any registration or licensing will take place.

Let’s go through the service method, terms and conditions, and papers needed.


Individual customers, citizens, and residents, in addition to companies in Dubai, are eligible to apply for this inspection service.


The applicable vehicle must comply with the general and valid safety conditions in order to pass the inspection.

Furthermore, the following are the general safety regulations for historic vehicles:

  • The age of the vehicle must be of 30 years or above.
  • The car tyres must be appropriate and safe for driving.
  • There should be no wear and tear on the car by nature, internally or externally.
  • The internal parts of the car must be functioning adequately.
  • The vehicle’s lighting and braking systems must function properly and be well-maintained.
  • All the car engine parts must function with efficiency. There should be no sign of lubricant or engine oil leakage. Besides, there should be no coolant water leaking from the sides or beneath the engine.
The historic car must meet the general and legal safety conditions for the inspection and be at least 30 years old.


For inspecting classic vehicles, the required documents are:

For registration purposes:

  • Vehicle Clearance Certificate (VCC)
  • Transfer Certificate from a different Emirate
  • Possession Certificate

For renewal purposes:

  • A vehicle ownership certificate is required. However, it is optional.

For export or transfer purposes:

  • Possession Certificate
  • Vehicle Clearance Certificate (VCC)


To apply for a classic vehicle inspection in Dubai, follow these steps:

  • Submit a vehicle inspection application at the authorised service centres.
  • Pay the inspection fees.
  • After the technical inspection of the vehicle is carried out, you will receive a certificate. The certificate proves that the vehicle is safe to drive. The car is then taken for the licencing process.
  • Submit the required documents to the service centre.
  • Pay the required fees to obtain the licence.

Visit the car testing centers in Dubai to apply for the inspection of antique automobiles and to receive daily number plates. The following are the Vehicle Registration and Inspection Centers:

  • Al Qusais Tasjeel
  • Barsha Tasjeel
  • Al Warsan Tasjeel
  • Jebel Ali Tasjeel
  • Tasjeel Discovery Gardens
  • Al Aweer Tasjeel
  • Al Mutakamela Center – Al Qouz
  • AG Cars Vehicle Testing – Al Mamzar
  • Tasjeel City of Arabia
  • Tasjeel Motor City
  • Hatta Tasjeel
  • Wasel Vehicle Testing – Nad Al Hammar
  • Wasel Vehicle Testing – Al Jaddaf
  • Tamam Vehicle Testing
  • Al Yalayis Vehicle Testing
After the historic car has been examined, you may apply for licensing and a number plate.

Furthermore, once the historic car has been evaluated, you may proceed with the licensing procedure. If you have a reserved number, go to the Deira Customer Happiness Centre. The complete processing time is only 12 minutes, and the validity period is one year.


The following are the service prices for checking historic vehicles:

  • For a classic vehicle, technical inspection costs: 420 AED
  • Fees for Classical Number Plates: AED 300 (each plate costs AED 150)
  • Licensing fees: 400 AED
  • Fees for expiry sticker: AED 10
  • Knowledge and Innovation fees: +AED 20

Overall, these are the steps and requirements for a vintage car inspection in Dubai. The procedure is straightforward and simple to follow. However, if you want a ride that is closer to current models, read through these used cars for sale in Dubai and select one that best meets your needs.

This article is only offered for educational purposes, providing a general understanding of its material, including relevant laws and regulations, and is not meant to provide specific legal advice. The Blog is not meant to take the place of qualified guidance from a licensed professional.

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