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RTA Dubai Full Guide

RTA Dubai Full Guide

The primary governmental transportation agency in the emirate of Dubai is the Roads and Transport Authority, or RTA. The RTA, a division of the Dubai government, manages and plans the city’s transportation, traffic, and road needs as well as those of neighboring nations, other emirates, and inter-emirate travel.

In this article, we’ll talk about the many RTA services available and how locals may take use of them. These services include obtaining parking permits, paying penalties for moving violations, getting driver’s licenses, and more.


Dubai's Roads and Transport Administration provides services that let drivers pay tickets, park in certain places, and more.

To make it simpler for car owners and drivers to apply for the appropriate permissions that legally enable them to operate in the city, RTA Dubai has established a complete range of services. Along with operating the RTA bus system, Dubai Metro, Dubai Tram, and other forms of public transportation, RTA also provides a number of services to help city residents plan their travel within the area.

This includes settling parking tickets in Dubai, signing up for Salik, requesting parking and licensing services, among other things.


How do I check my Dubai traffic fines and make a payment through the RTA?

In Dubai, paying traffic penalties is a simple 4-step process. All you have to do is use the RTA website to search for your penalties, verify the findings, validate what you found, and pay the amount. Your license number, fine number, and traffic file number can all be used to obtain information about your specific fine.


How can I apply for Salik and what is Salik?

The Roads and Transport Administration introduced the Salik electronic toll gate system in 2007. Salik toll gates are equipped with sensors that subtract toll payments when vehicles drive past with Salik tags on their windshields. Using the RTA website, drivers may register for these tags, buy and renew tags, and recharge Salik accounts. You can better understand the procedure by reading our comprehensive guide to Salik.

What is the People of Determination (PoD) Salik exemption?

A person of determination may ask for a waiver of the Salik road toll levy by submitting the required paperwork, as established by the Dubai Roads and Transport Authority. The exemption only applies to one car, but if the owner requests it, it may be transferred to another vehicle following the cancellation of the first. The exemption must be renewed annually by the owner to remain valid and prevent infractions.


How can I submit a driving license application?

Drivers can use this service to apply for, renew, or replace lost or damaged licenses. The solution covers both private and business automobiles, with department-specific personalized interfaces. Applications are handled successfully if the applicant meets the criteria, presents the required paperwork, and pays the appropriate fees at RTA service centers or authorized driving facilities in Dubai. On the RTA website, you may discover a comprehensive list of driving centers, service fees, and needed papers for your specific demand.

How can I get my driver’s license renewed?

Via the RTA’s website or helpful app, you may quickly renew your driver’s license. The same may be done at RTA locations, Dubai driving schools, and authorized optical shops.


RTA Dubai offers a variety of parking licenses, including those for PODs, long-term permits for residential spots, and more.

What kind of parking permits does the RTA offer?

The RTA emphasizes greater parking rotation and offering free services to some residents and tourists in an effort to control parking in Dubai. Applications for advertising cars, parking licenses for elderly Emiratis, permanent parking for individuals with determination, and other services related to permits are among the most popular ones. Below is a summary of the RTA’s parking offerings:

My parking/People of determination: With this permission, clients with moderate to severe impairments may use the emirate’s handicapped parking places without paying a fee. In this category, there are two cards: temporary and permanent.

My Parking/Rehabilitation Centers for People with Determination: Free permits are given to automobiles at rehabilitation centers for the disabled

My Parking/People with Determination (Tourist): This permit let visitors or tourists in Dubai to temporarily utilize designated handicapped parking spots.

Local cards for paid parking for citizens (L): This is a free permit that only locals may use to pay for parking in certain places.

The residents of the region (citizens and locals) are given this permission, which entitles them to free overnight parking.

My parking/Aged persons: This program, which is available to drivers 60 years of age and older, enables senior adults to apply for free non-handicapped public parking.

The permit permits for a single parking place for guests of paid villas and is only available to residents or citizens for a fee of AED 170.

My Parking/Special Medical Conditions: A medical committee offers drivers 60 years of age and older the free use of dedicated hospital parking spaces.


How can I apply for Nol Cards with RTA Dubai? What are Nol Cards?

Nol cards are often used by locals and visitors to board public transportation inside the city. These are smartcards provided by RTA Dubai that allow users to pay for transportation on trams, ferries, buses, the metro, abras, Dubai water taxis, and conventional taxis in Dubai. RTA’s website has a Nol card application.


For enterprises, the Roads and Transport Authority offers many services. Below is a list of available services in this area:

How is a driver NOC issued? What is an E-NOC?

The RTA oversees the E-NOC system, also known as a “Electronic No Objection Certificate,” which is owned by the Dubai government and used to issue NOCs. AED 1,000 is required as a service cost to complete the 4-step online application for a driver NOC on the RTA website.

Advertising on the Dubai Tram or Dubai Metro, obtaining licenses to run driving schools, and other services are also included in the RTA’s Corporate Services category.

Smart RTA Apps

The goal of the Roads and Transport Authority is to assist Dubai in becoming a smart city. As a result, it has released a number of intelligent applications that give drivers simple access to its services depending on several user classifications. Smart apps for drivers and passengers on public transportation are different. You may learn more about the choices available by reading our guide to RTA smart services.


RTA Customer Happiness Centers in Dubai are available for drivers to visit if they have complaints about driving in the city or questions about anything else not covered by RTA online services. For submitting complaints and inquiries, the service’s official website has an online form.

RTA Call Centre number: 800-9090
Contact: +971-4-284-4444 | +971-4-605-1414 (Overseas callers 24/7)

That ends our review of RTA Dubai. The Dubai government consistently introduces New projects that support its commitment to making the emirate the happiest place on earth.

This article is only offered for educational purposes, providing a general understanding of its material, including relevant laws and regulations, and is not meant to provide specific legal advice. The Blog is not meant to take the place of qualified guidance from a licensed professional.

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