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Everything You Need to Know About How to Renew a Tenancy Contract in Sharjah

How To Renew Tenancy Contract in Sharjah

Renting a home in Sharjah is handy for many people, and it provides a viable housing alternative in the emirate. The Sharjah City Municipality provides numerous services to help speed such processes, such as establishing a tenancy contract and renewing it. Landlords and tenants in Sharjah must understand the processes involved in renewing a tenancy contract.

To address this, we have outlined the process and conditions for renewing a tenancy contract in Sharjah.


When renting a villa or an apartment in Sharjah, either the landlord or the tenants must have the residential tenancy agreement confirmed by the Sharjah municipality. Furthermore, residential apartments in the city are exclusively available to families. There is a 90-day grace period after the tenancy contract expires before the attestation fine is imposed. Those who have rented a commercial property in Sharjah in order to start a business must get a commercial tenancy contract.

Moving ahead, you may now renew your rent agreement digitally using Sharjah Municipality’s e-services. The electronic tenancy document is valid for one year and has been legally certified and recognized by several agencies. These efforts make it easier to rent property in Sharjah.

Let’s go over the steps for renewing a tenancy contract in Sharjah for residential, company, and industrial properties.


The contract renewal requires the following documents:

  • The SEWA account number of the customer
  • A copy of the original lease. Both the tenants and the landlord must sign it.
  • For industrial and commercial properties, an industrial licence or a valid trade permit is required.
tenancy contract in Sharjah
Customers in Sharjah may now renew their tenancy contracts digitally.


Renewal of a tenancy contract in Sharjah can be done via Tasheel offices, the Sharjah Municipality’s official website, or through a real estate agency. The following are the major steps in the process:

  • The customer must submit the request to the service center together with the appropriate documentation.
  • An employee will double-check that the name on the deposit matches the name on the tenancy contract.
  • The employees will make certain that the deposit amount corresponds to the usage.
  • The tenancy contract will be approved by the service center.
  • To authenticate the contract, the consumer must go to Sharjah Municipality.


There are no expenses associated with renewing a tenancy contract in Sharjah. The cost must be paid by the applicant at the time of registration. The charge for attestation is 4% of the annual rent, with a minimum of AED 500. Meanwhile, Sharjah Municipality tenancy rules oblige tenants to pay a 2% rental tax and a 5% Municipality housing charge annually.


The following requirements and conditions must be met in order to renew a tenancy contract in Sharjah:

  • A real estate agency specializing in property management and leasing must obtain a Sharjah Economic Development Department trade license in order to apply for an annual subscription to the e-system of tenancy contracts.
  • If a third party gains access to the user’s account, the user is completely accountable for any legal consequences, with no option to file claims or wait for judicial decisions.
  • False information or falsified attachments in the e-system for any transaction may result in municipal penalties, and the individual responsible may be sent to the appropriate authorities.
  • If a subscriber pays on behalf of a tenant, they are entirely liable for any costs and fines levied by the municipality. In the event of a financial disagreement with a third party, the subscriber may not sue the municipality, but the municipality may sue the subscriber.
  • The municipality is not liable for any damage or loss caused by insufficient financial transactions on the e-system. Furthermore, similar circumstances may emerge as a result of electronic piracy on shared systems.
  • Failure to renew the tenancy contract on time may result in penalty imposed on the subscriber in accordance with the fees and fines schedule.
  • The charge for an electronic tenancy contract must be consistent with that of a traditional contract.
  • For offenses involving breaches and misuse of government websites or data, the municipality may levy penalties and send violators to the appropriate authority.
  • The subscription in the e-system of tenancy contracts is an annual fee that begins on the date the subscription request is approved.
  • The subscriber’s signature on the request for the yearly subscription in the e-system of tenancy contracts implies unambiguous approval to abide by the e-system’s terms, conditions, fees, and fines.
Customers must follow the terms and conditions in order to use this service.



In Sharjah, the attestation fee for a tenancy contract is 4% of the rental amount. There are consequences if the grace period is exceeded after the contract has expired. There are no renewal costs, however.


Yes, you may renew your rental agreement online using Sharjah Municipality’s official website.

Overall, this is the procedure for renewing a tenancy contract in Sharjah. Furthermore, renewing a tenancy contract is critical for maintaining clarity for both tenants and landlords while remaining in conformity with local rules.

This article is only offered for educational purposes, providing a general understanding of its material, including relevant laws and regulations, and is not meant to provide specific legal advice. The Blog is not meant to take the place of qualified guidance from a licensed professional.

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