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In Dubai, what is the age limit to work?

age limit for work visa in dubai

With a rapidly expanding economy and a well-developed infrastructure, Dubai draws hundreds of expatriates in search of work from all over the world. Every year, the emirate provides a diverse range of residents and expatriates with exciting work prospects. Both employees and employers in the city are required to follow by certain employment rules in order to guarantee a fair and balanced workplace. The minimum age for work and the retirement age are two major legislation that everyone in Dubai must abide by.

Here’s all you need to know about the minimum age to work in Dubai.


Students in Dubai between the ages of 15 and 18 may get a temporary employment permit called as a Juvenile Work Permit, which is only valid for one year. The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MoHRE) awards these Juvenile Work Permits if the applicants match the ministry’s conditions.

The following are the requirements for getting a Juvenile Work Permit application approved in Dubai.

Applicants of Juvenile Work Permit need to provide a consent from their legal guardian to MoHRE
Applicants for a Juvenile Work Permit must furnish MoHRE with approval from their legal guardian.
  • Anyone seeking for a Juvenile Work Permit must present a paper signed by their legal guardian.
  • In addition, the applicant must produce a birth certificate or a medical certificate.
  • In addition, the ministry asks the applicant to produce a physical fitness certificate from a competent medical authority to demonstrate that the child is capable of doing the task.
  • Minors and their parents must both have valid residence permits.
  • Minors are not permitted to apply for a Juvenile Labor Permit for work that is illegal in the UAE.
  • The employer who hires a minor must have a valid trade license.
  • Minors are not permitted to work at industrial establishments at night.
  • Underage workers are not permitted to apply for risky employment.
  • Minors are not permitted to work overtime under the law.
  • Underage employees may work up to six hours a day, with a one-hour rest in between.


The UAE Labour Law enables students between the ages of 12 and 18 to apply for work-related training licenses. Students under this age can apply to MoHRE for a training permit.

To award the training permit, MoHRE also requires written approval from the student’s guardian. MoHRE has created a free online students’ training form, which can be obtained from its official website, to make the procedure more convenient.

Minors aged between 12 to 18 can get a training permit in Dubai
In Dubai, minors aged 12 to 18 can obtain a training permit.

The form is also available through the ministry’s mobile app, ‘Wajjehni,’ which is available on Google Play, iTunes, and BlackBerry World. The permit is also available through Tas’heel service centers in Dubai.


Although the retirement age for expat residents in Dubai and the UAE is 60 years, they are permitted to work until the age of 65, provided their employers obtain the proper licences. Employees above the age of 60, on the other hand, must apply for work permits through the MoHRE. Employees over the age of 60 must also have their labor cards updated yearly. Every two years, the granting of a work permit for seniors over the age of 65 costs AED 5,000.

There are specific Dubai work visa age limits for retirement and employment in Dubai
In Dubai, minors aged 12 to 18 can obtain a training permit.

This brings us to the end of our essay on the age limit for getting a job in Dubai. Those interested in learning more about the different stages involved in applying for a work visa in Dubai should visit the MoHRE’s official website. Overall, Dubai provides a favorable working environment for both employees and enterprises. In Dubai, there are various work-friendly cafés where travelers may work quietly. Freelancers and entrepreneurs may also benefit from the numerous creative co-working spaces in Dubai, which offer a professional environment geared to inspire innovation.

This article is only offered for educational purposes, providing a general understanding of its material, including relevant laws and regulations, and is not meant to provide specific legal advice. The Blog is not meant to take the place of qualified guidance from a licensed professional.

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