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List of Car Rental Companies at Dubai International Airport

Best Car Rental Companies at the Dubai Airport

Dubai, one of the trendiest cities in the United Arab Emirates, draws a lot of tourists every day. Many people go to Dubai because it has developed into a corporate center and tourist destination. They do so for conferences, business meetings, and official events as well as to partake in a variety of leisure activities. To get where they’re going, it’s simple to reserve RTA taxis or utilize any of the other public transportation choices. You can arrange your entire vacation without worry, though, if you pick one of the vehicle rental businesses at Dubai Airport.

It is advised that you examine Google reviews before selecting a vehicle rental provider at Dubai Airport and enquire about their insurance, refund, and deposit policies before we get started with the list.

You might choose to drive on your own by renting a car from one of the companies at the Dubai airport (given that you hold a valid driving license). Additionally, for an extra price, rental firms at Dubai Airport can provide a driver or chauffeur.

Let’s review the list of car rental companies at Dubai Airport to assist you in choosing the most appropriate one.


The car rental agencies at Dubai Airport provide a variety of types and models of vehicles.

Here is a comprehensive list of car rental companies at Dubai Airport along with their contact data so you can plan your trip with confidence.


Hertz, which offers 24/7 car rental services as well as roadside assistance, is one of the well-known rental car companies with locations in the Dubai International Airport. The Hertz Corporation operates in a number of nations and provides a variety of reward programs to enable regular travelers to take advantage of fantastic savings. Businesspeople, tourists, and other travelers can choose from the company’s collection of hybrid, luxury, and sports cars. At the Dubai International Airport, their kiosks are located in Terminals 1 and 3.

If you’re interested in renting a car from Dubai International Airport, you may check the Hertz website for rental pricing of your preferred car or give the following numbers a call:

Hertz contact information in Dubai:

Terminal 1 of Dubai International Airport: +971-4-224-5222

Terminal 3 of Dubai International Airport: +971-4-220-3013


For more than 30 years, Thrifty Car Rental UAE has provided transportation between cities and within cities. The USA is where its headquarters are located. They provide car-hire services for both private and business purposes. You may readily locate their offices at Dubai Airport, much as other car rental companies. Fortunately, Thrifty frequently provides discounts and promotions for early reservations. To find out about Thrifty Car Rental’s current offers and discounts on rentals as well as for various rental packages for the car of your choice, visit their website. You can call the following numbers as well:

Contact information for Thrifty Car Rental:

Terminal 1 at Dubai Airport: +971-4-224-5404

Terminal 3 of Dubai Airport: +971-4-220-3700


In Dubai, SIXT is regarded as the top car rental agency. More than 105 countries have SIXT branches located at popular tourist destinations and airports. Travelers may select from a wide range of vehicles, including SUVs, sedans, small cars, convertibles, and premium models. Additionally, if you pay for the service in full upon arrival, SIXT provides free cancellation.

At Dubai International Airport, SIXT offices are located in Terminals 1 and 3. You can call the number provided or visit the SIXT website to learn more about the rental pricing for various vehicles:

Numbers to Contact SIXT Car Hire:

Call SIXT Dubai at +971 800 7498 in Terminal 3 of the Dubai International Airport.


NCR (National Car Rental) has operations in over 85 nations. In the UAE, NCR has thirteen offices and a fleet of high-end cars. To accommodate a variety of consumers, their vast fleet comprises SUVs, business vehicles, luxurious vehicles, and other affordable cars. Visit the official website of National Car Rental or dial the provided numbers to learn the rental costs for each vehicle.

Additionally, NCR is one of the car rental firms at Terminals 3 and 1 of the Dubai Airport.

Numerals for National Car Rental:

Terminal 1 of Dubai International Airport: +971 4 2245056

Terminal 3 of Dubai International Airport: +971 4 2203023, +971 4 2203164


With just cars, Avis launched its services. It has already developed into a sizable car rental service with branches already established across the UAE. Its upscale services could be the cause. Thankfully, all three of Dubai International Airport’s terminals have signs pointing to their offices. Visit the official website of Avis Rent a Car for information if you want to learn more about their most recent deals and rental prices before traveling.

Numbers to contact Avis in Dubai

Terminal 1 of Dubai International Airport: +971-4-518-6722

Terminal 2 of Dubai International Airport: +971-4-518-6744

Terminal 3 of Dubai International Airport: +971-4-518-6788


One of the finest car rentals at Dubai International Airport is Budget Rent a Car, a full-service auto rental company. It has branches in 128 different nations. You may simply attest to its legitimacy and reputation given this fact. The firm provides car rental services in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, and Ras Al Khaimah, to name a few of its locations in the United Arab Emirates. It has a location at Terminal 1 of Dubai International Airport.

In addition to offering online reservations, Budget Rent a Car offers customer support that is available around-the-clock. Visit the Budget Rent a Car website or call the provided number for information on rental pricing.

Contact information for Budget Rent a Car Dubai:

Terminal 1 of Dubai International Airport: +971- 4-224-5192


One of the well-known car rental companies at Dubai Airport, Dollar Rent a Car has been offering its services in the UAE since 2004. They have a variety of vehicles in their inventory that anyone may hire based on their preferences and budget. 200,000 cars make up Dollar Rent a Car’s fleet globally. For offers and discounts when reserving a rental vehicle online, visit the Dollar Rent a Car website.

Contact information for Dollar Rent a Car

Terminal 1 at Dubai Airport: +971-4-2244855

Terminal 3 of Dubai Airport: +971-4-2203577


The list of rental car companies at Terminal 3 of the Dubai International Airport includes Europcar as well. You may choose from their collection of luxury, compact, and family vehicles depending on your budget. The VIP members of Europcar occasionally receive discounts, free rentals, and early check-ins. On the official Europcar website, you can view the range of vehicles available for rent as well as their current rental pricing.

Europcar’s phone number is

Terminal 3 of Dubai International Airport: +971-58-6413060


There are many benefits of renting a car at the Dubai international airport
Renting a car at the international airport of Dubai has a lot of advantages.

Find out why you should choose car rental in the first place and whether it is cost-effective to hire a private vehicle before we go through the list of top car rental companies in Dubai.


Those traveling to Dubai for business have a limited amount of time, so they must organize their vacation properly. You may pre-book a car and driver according to your schedule by using the online booking tool offered by several rental firms, who also offer free airport pickup. While using public transportation, on the other hand, will take time.


You may choose any vehicle from the rental fleets at the Dubai Airport, which includes luxury cars, hatchbacks, vans, and SUVs. Naturally, the cost of renting a car depends on the vehicle you select.


People traveling to Dubai for pleasure or business can reserve a car for a month, a week, or even just an hour. Additionally, clients may request a customized package from Dubai’s rental car companies based on their timetable.

You will have a lot less hassle if you rent a car in Dubai. Using public transportation in the city could be a good alternative.

In addition to the obvious benefits, renting a car in Dubai is quite practical. For instance, you may hire a car from one of the firms in Dubai Airport Terminals 1, 2, or 3 immediately following your departure, go to your destination, and then return the car before boarding the return flight.

That’s about it for our top picks for car rental companies at Dubai Airport. They are ready and happy to assist you with a variety of vehicle types that will satisfy your needs at prices that are affordable and in line with your budget. So that you may stop by their desks and pick up your keys for an exciting and pleasant time in Dubai, make sure to have these people’s names and places in mind. Since there are several possibilities, those on a tight budget could also locate a cheap rental car at Dubai International Airport.

For more information about car rental companies, traffic laws, and other topics, keep reading UAE’s best auto blog.

This article is only offered for educational purposes, providing a general understanding of its material, including relevant laws and regulations, and is not meant to provide specific legal advice. The Blog is not meant to take the place of qualified guidance from a licensed professional.

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