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The 11 Biggest Real Estate Companies in the U. S.A

Real Estate Companies in USA

It goes without saying that the real estate sector is one of the largest in the world. The rivalry is fierce, with companies located all throughout the United States. Real estate companies are continually aiming to be the best of the best, from listing and customer service to skilled agents. The better they perform, the larger they get.

We’ll discuss eleven of the largest real estate companies on the market. Each of these has built a name for themselves in the field of property buying and selling. If you’re looking for a real estate company, these are some of the largest and finest available today.

The 11 Biggest Real Estate Companies in the US

  1. Coldwell Banker Real Estate
  2. Century 21
  3. RE/Max
  4. Keller Williams Realty
  5. Weichert, Realtors
  6. Berkshire Hathaway
  7. HomeServices
  8. eXp Realty
  9. Compass
  10. EXIT Realty
  11. Sotheby’s International Realty
  12. Electronic Realty Associates


1. Coldwell Banker Real Estate

Coldwell Banker is the largest real estate company in the United States. Coldwell Banker, founded in 1906, has over 100 years of expertise buying and selling properties, which they share with the individuals they work with. It has over 3000 offices and is present in over 49 countries. That is an impressive figure for any business to showcase.

Coldwell Banker can assist you whether you are seeking for luxury or trying to locate something on a global scale. They have brokerage locations in every state in the US, so you’re protected no matter where you live.

2. Century 21

Century 21 was created in 1971 and has worked hard to stay current even after fifty years. It is well-known for being an industry leader. Even as the world continues to evolve, those at Century 21 aim to make it one of the most innovative and cutting-edge real estate organizations on the market.

Century 21 operates 7000 locations in 74 countries. Their website is one of the best in the industry, owing to an emphasis on keeping technology up to date. When you use Century 21, you get access to 100,000 agents who are ready and willing to assist you.


3. RE/Max

RE/Max is another real estate industry powerhouse. RE/Max was founded in 1973, making it a little younger than Century 21 and Coldwell Banker. Nonetheless, they have an almost 50-year track record that demonstrates them to be among the best on the market today.

This real estate firm has 7000 offices in more than 90 countries. They also have 100,000 agents that deal with clients all across the world. RE/most Max’s notable claim to fame is that they sell more than their competitors, giving them a financial advantage over other real estate companies.


4. Keller Williams Realty

Keller Williams is the largest real estate company in America. They have the most agents in the globe, and they work hard every day to make buying and selling properties a pleasant experience. They were established in 1983 and have grown rapidly in less than 50 years. One reason for their success is their 70/30 model (70 percent for agents, 30 percent for the brokerage).

If you’re searching for a reliable agent, Keller Williams is the place to go. They cooperate well with everyone at work, which is good for the customer. This strategy has resulted in the company’s remarkable growth over time.

Although Keller Williams is still relatively new, they are rapidly expanding with each passing day. It will be great to observe them and see how the firm grows in this competitive market in the future.


5. Weichert Real Estate

Weichert Realtors was started in 1969 and has evolved to become one of the largest real estate companies in the United States, employing over 10,000 people. Weichert, like other successful firms, focuses training new agents so that they may provide exceptional service to consumers.

Weichert also offers an end-to-end buyer solution, which means they can assist you choose a home, acquire a financing, and complete the deal.


6. Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices

Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices is the next real estate brokerage owned by Warren Buffett. It was founded relatively recently in comparison to other companies, yet it has created an indelible imprint in a short period of time.

It’s reasonable to assume that the scale has contributed to the company’s success. Berkshire Hathaway has 90 enterprises under its umbrella. It has a strong staff of real estate agents and will continue to expand over time.


7. eXp Realty

The following company is eXp Realty. eXp has one of the largest physical land areas in the United States. Although it is not as well-known, its sales and customer satisfaction speak for itself. They have a staff that is devoted to the company’s success.

eXp Realty employs 40,000 agents in the United States and operates in eight countries, including the United States. There’s a lot to like about them, and they’ll keep growing in the real estate sector.


8. Compass

Compass is a real estate company that was founded in 2012 by Robert Reffkin and Ori Allon. It is the smallest of the enterprises here, but it has the most promise. Compass still has around 17,000 realtors on its side. Its technology is among the most advanced on the market, gaining new consumers on a daily basis.

Compass has generated almost $100 billion in revenue by concentrating on the customer rather than the seller. They’ll be a growing force to watch in the coming years, especially as technology progresses.


9. EXIT Realty

EXIT Realty is up next. Steve Morris launched this real estate company in 1996. Former RE/Max employee Steve Morris guaranteed that his business followed the same 70/30 guideline as Keller Williams.

EXIT Realty has not been in business as long as most other firms, but it has big plans for the future. It’ll be interesting to watch how it evolves in the future.


10. Sotheby’s International Realty

Sotheby’s International Realty was created in 1976 and is widely regarded as one of the most international firms on the market today. The financial company also owns the famous auction house. With 1000 offices in 70 countries, it’s difficult to compete with this formidable opponent.

This organization works with a large number of luxury homes located all over the world. Sotheby’s has billions of dollars in sales, making them a formidable competitor.


11. Electronic Realty Associates

Electronic Realty Associates, or ERA, is another of the most powerful real estate companies, having been founded in 1972. They’re not as huge, but they carry a punch. ERA is owned by Realogy, which also owns Coldwell Banker and Century 21.

ERA has a lot to offer consumers in terms of marketing methods and technologies implemented in their system. It’s safe to assume they’ll continue to rise.


FAQ about the World's Largest Real Estate Companies

Is it true that bigger is better in real estate?

If you’re searching for a real estate company to assist you with your next investment, you might be wondering if bigger is better. Should you opt with the most expansive estate or something smaller and more personal?

It all depends. Bigger might be better provided the company pays its people fairly. When shopping for a property, though, smaller might feel more intimate. To identify which location is ideal for you, browse user reviews.


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