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Petrol stations in Dubai

service stations in the UAE

The UAE, being one of the world’s top oil producers, has a massive network of gas stations distributed across all emirates. There are also several fuel stations along major routes in Dubai that provide quick and efficient service. Today, we’ve compiled a list of some of the petrol stations in Dubai to help you plan your next road trip.


Together with petrol, practically all fueling stations in Dubai provide Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG), diesel, and gas oil.

This list of petrol stations provides various types of fuel based on the type and requirements of the vehicle.

petrol pumps in Dubai
There are various petrol stations in Dubai to meet the demands of the city's motorists.


Emarat is a reputable provider of petroleum products in Dubai. It serves 100 million retail and commercial consumers each year through more than 60 stations located across the city.

It features cutting-edge filling stations that provide Special 95, Super 98, diesel, LPG, and Gas Oil to vehicles, trucks, heating furnaces, small boilers, airplanes, and business fleets.

It also provides car wash, tyre replacement, and vehicle testing services. This petrol station in Dubai also has convenience stores.

Payment has also gotten considerably easy with several Emarat cards. You can pay for your vehicle’s gasoline using any of the following cards:

  • Safeer is a credit card designed for simple fleet management.
  • Atheer is a prepaid card that is used by small to medium-sized fleets.
  • Connect is a convenient method to get gasoline and services on the go.

These cards cater to the various demands of drivers. You can sometimes get discounts on certain purchases using these cards.

  • Location: There are approximately 40 sites in Dubai, including Jumeirah, Sheikh Zayed Road, Deira, Bur Dubai, Al Khawaneej, and others.


ENOC, a well-known name in the Dubai fuel market, is also on our list of gas stations. It just took over the EPPCO gas stations in Dubai. It now operates 116 ENOC and EPPCO stations throughout the city, offering high-quality gasoline.

It provides a variety of high-quality fuels, including Special ULG 85, Super ULG 98, and diesel gas oil. It also provides fuel to air vehicles.

ENOC Group has received several honors for its comprehensive services, including the Annual Energy Award, the Arabia CSR Award, and the Chartered Institute of Procurement & Supply (CIPS) Supply Management Awards.

  • Location: Many, including Al Wasl Road, Oud Metha Rd, and Al Khail Rd, E44.


ADNOC is one of the UAE’s leading gasoline service station businesses. It provides high-quality gasoline to fulfill the needs of your car. It contains Super 98 for high compression engines and E-Plus 91 for low compression engines. If your vehicle requires medium octane fuel, Special 95 is the best option.

Moreover, ADNOC petrol stations in Dubai provide Diesel and NGV, a variety of eco-friendly fuels to improve the performance of your car. While ADNOC is widely available in other parts of the UAE, stations in Dubai are largely concentrated in areas closer to Abu Dhabi and Sharjah, such as the Last Exit and Al Qusais.


Apart from these Dubai gas outlets, there is a simple, effective, and quick way to fill up your car at any time – the Middle East’s first fuel delivery app, CAFU.


CAFU is a first-of-its-kind fuel delivery app in Dubai that saves you the inconvenience of driving to a gas station. You may contact this on-demand fuel delivery service at any time of day or night to replenish your vehicle. The best part is that it is really reasonable, costing about the same as refueling at a gas station. A single delivery costs AED 18, while unlimited hours for a month costs AED 45.

That concludes our list of petrol stations in Dubai. Whether you have a brand new or used vehicle, you may take it to any of the city’s fueling stations.

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